Micro electronics

your Electronic Manufacturing Subcontractor (EMS) in Europe

Our Electronic Manufacturing Services offer turnkey solutions and support your products from the design stage to the finished product.
All our production sites are based in Europe and we can offer low cost as well as high-tech

Electronic assemblies and modules

Electronic Assemblies

Characteristics: SMD from 01005 to 1812 and more, QFN and BGAs, through hole, connectors and specific mechanical components
AOI, test strategy, and final packaging or integration

Electronic Assemblies

Micro Electronic assemblies

From Chip on Chip, Multi-chip modules, Wire Bonding Al or Gold, Gold bumping, Die Bonding or Flip Chip, we can propose a high quality of your microelectronics assemblies.
Morever, Dam and Fill, Globtop, specific termination, manual and automatic test is realised.
The quality management system is certified according to ISO norms 9001:2015 and 13485:2016, allowing traceability to the unit.

Thick Film Hybrids

Substrate from 0,635mm to 2mm thickness , usually on pad 4’’x4’’, or specific form on request
Characteristics: Accurately laser trimmed resistors, tight tolerances, temperature stability, high integration, improved reliability.

thick film
double sided flex with smt components

Flexible circuits

Characteristics: Kapton based printed circuit boards
Single sided, double sided, multilayers, flex rigid.
Bare as well as populated boards
Additionally to standard ISO9001:2015, the quality management system is certified according to EN9100: 2018 for aeronautic market.

Equipe General Hybrid

General Hybrid, your partner for subcontracting your Electronic Systems

Our sales team is dedicated to their customers, managing them at each step, in order to have a performed support.
Our purchasing department select components and suppliers to secure supply and optimize overall material costs
Our customer service will offer a close relationship and a constant follow-up on production in the long term.

We offer clients our technological knowledge as well as our ability to perform complex operations on high-quality products. This ensures that your products earn their place in an increasingly progress-oriented market filled with new technologies

All our productions, based in Europe, are ISO 9001 and can even do even more by being ISO13485 or EN9100 .

Your satisfaction is our priority.