Power resistors

Carbon Ceramic Resistor (HVR int)

Resistor assembly

High Voltage

High Energy (from Joule to MégaJoule)

Wire wound power resistor (Pentagon)

Heavy Duty Tape Wound Resistors

Coated and Open Power Resistors

Enclosed Resistors

Dynamic Braking Resistors

Cubicle Heaters (Anti Condensation) and Thermostats

Varistors (HVR GmbH)

Resistor assembly
SiC Varistors

ZnO Varistors

Si-Metal Resistors


The technologies partly go back to mid of 1900. This shows a continuous and long way of development. But also today there is a permanent work on improving the electrical performance and to ensure a constant high quality.

◽Electrical Transmission
◽ Traction
◽ AC/DC Drives
◽ Pulse Power
◽ Dummy Loads
◽ Snubber Applications
◽ Capacitor Charge or Discharge
◽ Overvoltage Protection for Generators, Magnets, Transformers…
◽ And others

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